Patreon Terms 1 and 2

Chris reilly warcraftscreenshot po
Warcraft screenshot paint over demo
Chris reilly 190617 warmup
Warm up demo sketch
Chris reilly spchibi chardesign
Character design breakdown demo
Chris reilly warcraftcreature thumbsdemo
Warcraft Creature thumbnailing demo 1
Chris reilly warcraftcreature thumbsdemo 2
Warcraft Creature thumbnailing demo 2
Chris reilly warcraftcreature thumbsdemo 3
Warcraft Creature thumbnailing demo 3
Chris reilly warcraftbuildingthumbs 1
Warcraft Building Thumbnailing demo 1
Chris reilly warcraftbuildingthumbs 2
Warcraft Building Thumbnailing demo 2
Chris reilly warcraftbuildingthumbs 3
Warcraft Building Thumbnailing demo 3
Chris reilly warcraftbuildingthumbs 4
Warcraft Building Thumbnailing demo 4
Chris reilly warcraftbuildingthumbs 5
Warcraft Building Thumbnailing demo 5
Chris reilly warcraftbuildingthumbs 6
Warcraft Building Thumbnailing demo 6
Chris reilly warcraftbuildingfinal
Warcraft Final building concept art demo

My Patreon was pretty much a flop so I decided to cancel it as I was basically creating content that no one was seeing. Here is the content I created for the two terms it was running for. I've also made all of the content available on my Gumroad for £6. There is about 11 hours of videos in real time with voice over for everything you see here, JPEGS, PSDS, and my second set of custom brushes which has over 150 brushes are included. You can purchase from Gumroad here: